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Free poker money at Kingdom of Poker – $288

If you want to play for free at Kingdom of Poker then we have great news for you. You can get free poker money to play at Kingdom of Poker which means you don’t have to deposit any money to play at real money tables.

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Because Kingdom of Poker is not very well known that is a great way to try another poker room for free.

And the best thing about this free poker bankroll is that you also get rakeback and first deposit bonus. Yes you also get 30% rakeback with that free poker money.

All together you can receive $288 of free money if you play your cards right. All that without any deposit. Like in all similar poker deals you will have to collect some poker points to be able to withdraw your money to your bank account.

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If you decide to deposit any money you will also get a very nice $1000 first deposit bonus. You get 100% up to $1000. If you go for free poker money then you will first have to clear points for free bankroll and then for your bonus. You have 90 day to do that.

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You can also get a lot more money to play poker online. Just have a look at our page Free poker money and decide where you want to play. You can get more then $1000 of free poker money with no deposit necessary.

If you want a couple of new promotions for free poker you have to visit FreePokerMoney4You.com and register for free money.

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